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written by Brynn W.

Your dog is your baby, right? If you are anything like me, your dog is a member of your family. My girl Izzy is my little side kick, my partner in crime, and my best friend. If you are here reading our blog, you most likely relate to that! I have a really hard time trusting anyone with her, especially overnight, and I know how hard it is to find quality pet care. Let me tell you why I would trust my Izzy girl with Our Family Pet Sitting Resort & Spa.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Brynn and I’m a new hire here. I am working with Kelly as the Social Media Specialist & Marketing Coordinator. She presented me with the challenge of researching OFPS to write about what I feel sets us apart from everyone else. The question was, what makes OFPS special? I started my search on Facebook and quickly came to realize what sets us apart! I want to share what I concluded with you.

The biggest reason I would choose to bring my girl here is the emphasis on family. From the moment your pet steps foot in the building they are treated as part of the big family that is OFPS. I mean family literally; the owners Joe and Kelly are a wonderful husband and wife team that are truly dedicated to taking care of your pets. Their daughter Ashley is the Resort and Salon Manager, Kelly’s mom Vickie is the Health & Wellness Coordinator. Shall I go on.

You know when you talk to someone, and you can tell when they are REALLY passionate about something? How you can hear the excitement in their voice about the subject they are talking about? This is the experience I had when interviewing with Joe. You can feel how much passion he has by listening to him speak about the animals in his care, and the ideas and growth that is planned for the business. It is amazing to see someone so passionate about their business, especially in the animal industry, because that love and passion goes directly to your pets!

Kelly, has impacted me personally from the minute I heard from her. Let me give you a little backstory of this stage of my life (I’ll keep it short I promise!) I worked for a company that closed in August. (dog industry) I was 36 or 37 weeks pregnant at the time and I knew the likelihood of finding a new job was slim. Kelly heard of this closing, and reached out to the employee’s to help us retain work. Even me, knowing that I was pregnant and still offered to interview me. The fact that Kelly and Joe were so willing to give me the time to interview, let alone hire me it’s something that I will never forget.

At that moment I immediately felt like I was part of the OFPS family. This is a huge part of what makes OFPS special. Whether you are an employee, guest, or pet parent, you ARE part of the family when you are here. I’ve worked in the pet industry for the better part of my adult life and you just do not find that everywhere. When you do you, hold onto it and do not let it go! I went on a tour and met many of the employees during orientation and that is when I found out their daughter Ashley is the salon manager. She was the first person to greet me when I came in for my interview and she was my literal first impression of OFPS. She was so welcoming, and just gave me a good feeling about being there from the moment I walked into the building. Side note: the reviews about her grooming skills online are no joke. You should definitely book your appointment today, or ask to add a groom on when your dog comes in for their next daycare or boarding stay!

I absolutely love the facility and land, which sets them apart from the competition. You will not find anything close to what we have to offer, sorry not sorry! Acres of beautifully fenced land divided into extremely large yards for your pups to run and play with their friends all day. It’s dog heaven! I could not believe how clean and beautiful everything was! From the new state of the art air purifying systems in the kennel areas, to the brand-new fencing in all of the yards, everything was beautiful and made to keep every animal in our care comfortable, happy, and healthy. We send pictures of your pet daily, which is a perk that seems to be greatly appreciated by all of our pet parents!

I came into this position not really knowing what I was getting myself into, but now it’s pretty clear. My role will be to bring the family to you. I want you all to feel the immense closeness and community that OFPS is accomplishing daily on site. The bond that has been formed with your pups and our staff, how excited we are to see them when they come in, and vice versa. I want you to feel the connection that is so special. I need to bring this to each of you, everyone who sees our online presence, with every picture, with every interaction, you will know what makes us special, I promise.

We hope to see you soon!

Peace, Love & Wagging Tails!

Social Media Specialist and Marketing Coordinator

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