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That first crisp bite of morning air, the leaves slowly trading their shades of green for autumnal tones, pumpkin spice lattes…..

These are all things that signify fall coming. Fall is my FAVORITE season, from sweater weather to apple picking there is so much about fall that I love. Fall is also one of the best seasons for your pets! It’s not to hot, not to cold, a great time to venture outside and enjoy a ton of quality one on one time with your best friends!

This is also a season with some issues and dangers to look out for.

Here are my top 10 Fall safety tips to keep your furry friends safe and happy!

1. Book your holiday boarding or daycare stay now!

It is very important to book these visits early because they book up fast! If you know your pup will need someone to watch them for the holidays I recommend booking as soon as you know what dates are needed so you do not have to worry about scrambling last minute to find care for your pet! Remember most facilities also require a trial day or temperament test a few weeks before your first stay so plan accordingly! Give us a call to book your holiday stay today! We are booking for the holidays now at OFPS!

2. Its still tick season!!!

Please be sure to keep up with your pets’ flea and tick prevention because these little pesky ticks stick around for a while! Ticks can cause Lyme disease and they are very easy to prevent. So, before your dog jumps into that big pile of leaves make sure they have had their protection for the month!

3. Watch out for Anti-Freeze!

This is a common automotive item to have around when the weather starts to get a bit chilly. The sweet taste of anti-freeze is enticing for your pets and is lethal if ingested! Check your car for leaks and keep bottles out of reach!

4. Check your pets’ microchip and update their ID tag if needed.

When the weather starts cooling down, we tend to leave the windows and doors open more often. I know I do!  This is prime time for animals to escape through broken screens (that they probably created) or run out of front doors. Updating and checking that their identification information is correct can be extremely helpful if your pet runs away! I try to check this twice a year, spring and fall when the weather is getting nice.

5. Holiday guests.

This is the start of the holiday season! There will possibly be many people coming in and out of the house. From Trick or Treaters to family gatherings this is an overwhelming time for many pets. Kids in costumes are scary to some dogs, causing them to react or run away when the door is open. Large gatherings can be overwhelming for some dogs as well. It is best to make your dog comfortable during these situations. That could mean a boarding stay for Halloween to remove a reactive dog from the constant stress of trick or treaters. Or putting them in a cozy quiet separate room for the night when you have your family over. Its best to keep your best friend as safe and comfortable as possible if they dislike the holidays!

6. Be cautious of pest control and rodent control toxins.

 Fall is the time when rodents and other pests decide to come inside, and many people use different pest control options that may be harmful or even lethal to your pets! Make sure to keep an eye out to ensure your pets safety! If you need to use pest control in your own home, try to get pet safe options.

7. Beware of Holiday Decorations.

Decorating for Halloween is one of my all-time favorite things to do. Spooky season is my favorite season and I’m here for it! But all these decorations can be enticing to your pets. Especially anything shiny and noisy like garlands or tinsel. These can be extremely dangerous to curious mouths, causing gastrointestinal blockages and distress! A curious puppy eating a bit of garland is a recipe for a prompt trip to the ER and possibly exploratory surgery! Be careful when decorating and try to keep all decorations out of your pets reach!

8. Check your pets Bordetella vaccination status, and update if necessary.

Tis the season for kennel cough! This is a great time to check your pet’s status and get it updated if needed, I typically get my pups Bordetella updated every fall!

9. Watch out for pet allergies.

Just like us your pets can react to pollen, mold, and other seasonal allergens! If you notice your pet is showing signs of allergies such as itching, redness, scaly skin, etc. please reach out to your vet! There are plenty of things that can help seasonal allergies, so your pet does not have to suffer.

10. Make sure your pet can be seen!

Night comes much quicker this time of year so some of our daily walks might be when the sun is setting. Make sure your pets are visible at night by getting reflective gear or light up collars/ tags for their night walks.

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