Comfort Items

Step into a world of happiness and relaxation designed exclusively for your beloved furry friends. Our Family is delighted to present our newest assortment of must-have items crafted with love for pets, enhancing their experience whether with us for daycare or boarding.

Peanut Butter Kongs:

Delight your pet with the ultimate blend of fun and flavor! Our Peanut Butter Kongs are not just toys; they're a burst of happiness, providing endless entertainment and a lip-smacking peanut butter surprise.

Bully Sticks:

Show your pet some love with our all-natural Bully Sticks. Beyond being a delicious treat, they're a heartfelt gesture for your pet's dental health. Watch their eyes light up as they enjoy these long-lasting, savory delights.

Lick Pads:

Transform ordinary moments into extraordinary bonding experiences. Our Lick Pads create a soothing atmosphere, turning treat time into a joyous ritual. Spread their favorite treat, and let the calming magic unfold.

pup with kong treat
pup with bully stick

Passion for Quality:

We use premium, pet-friendly materials because your pet deserves the best.

Joyful Entertainment:

Our products go beyond play; they bring joy, combat boredom, and reduce stress.

Health and Happiness:

Bully Sticks contribute to strong teeth and gums, ensuring a healthy, happy pet.

Ease and Convenience:

From playtime to grooming, our solutions are designed with your convenience in mind.

Choose Our Family to infuse your pet's life with love, laughter, and moments that tug at the heartstrings. Because every wag of their tail deserves to be celebrated!

Items purchased will go home with you for your pet to keep.

First fill (peanut butter etc.) is on us! Additional fills are $4 each.
Treat your pet every day of their stay!

  • Small Kong - $14
  • Medium Kong - $17
  • Large Kong - $19
  • Lick Pad - $14
  • 6" Bully Stick - $8
  • 12" Bully Stick - $16
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