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Our Family Pet Sitting offers luxury dog boarding, daycare, and grooming services in Naperville IL. You can trust our pet care experts to provide for your furry family member like they're our own. Our facility is situated on 5.5 acres of outdoor farmland in West Chicago, so your dog can have a unique boarding and daycare experience. They'll be able to roam our outdoor fields freely, gaze at our horses, and use our playground equipment!

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Dog Boarding

We offer incredible dog boarding services in a safe, caring, and stimulating environment. We will provide your pup with lots of fun and loving care. A typical day of dog boarding with Our Family Pet Sitting will include:

  • Running & Exploring: Our 5.5 acres of farmland will entertain your dog with horses, chickens, and squirrels nearby to gaze at!
  • Go Swimming: On hot summer days, our guests enjoy cooling off in one of our kiddie pools.
  • Play Sports: Whether tossing the ball or chasing a frisbee, playing sports with your friends is always fun outside on real grass.
  • Play In the Agility Yard: Our dogs love running outside and playing on our fun equipment.
  • And so much more!

To see a full list of a typical day at the resort, click here. And don't worry if your dog doesn't like to socialize! We offer a "run-alone" program, in which your dog will receive 1:1 care & attention from one of our pet care specialists. Please ask for pricing information!

Dog Grooming Naperville IL

Loved by dogs and their owners, our pet spa offers services that keep our doggie guests clean, healthy, and smelling great. Our dog grooming spa in Naperville IL offers salon services such as a haircut, bath & brush out, nail trims, teeth brushing, de-shedding, flea & tick treatment, ear cleaning, and more! Give us a call to schedule an appointment!

Dog Training In Naperville IL

Our dog trainers in Naperville IL do an amazing job of working with dogs and their owners. If you are thinking about getting a dog, then hiring a dog trainerin Naperville IL is key. Here are three excellent reasons to hire a professional dog trainer.

Help You Find The Right Dog
A dog trainer can be incredibly helpful to you from the moment that you decide you'd like to get a dog or puppy. They will be able to tell you what breeds are a good fit for you and your family, as well as whether or not you should adopt a puppy or an older dog from a previous owner or animal shelter. When the time comes for you to bring your new dog home, they will help you to prepare your home and let you know what to expect from your new dog.

Allow You To Train Your Puppy Properly
Not only can a dog trainer help you to find your puppy or dog, but they can also help you to train them. Going through training with your dog can help the two of you to bond together and it creates a relationship where you both respect each other, but your dog knows that you are the master. This also helps you effectively train your dog to follow all basic commands because you will be taught how to properly execute and follow through with them.

Deal With Any Difficult Behaviors
If your dog ends up having difficult behaviors, such as aggression towards other dogs or food aggression, then a dog trainer can be incredibly helpful. Your dog trainer will be able to watch exactly what sets your dog off when they behave this way and will help you to slowly incorporate practices that help your dog to remain calm. This training allows you to solve these behavioral problems that may have otherwise turned into much bigger issues, if left unchecked.

Our professional dog trainers can help you with all of your dog training needs.

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