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My dog is absolutely crazy about this place! She always has so much fun! She comes home exhausted from playing all day! The staff is amazing to the dogs and the dog owners. Always accommodating. I bring lunch for my pup and they are sure to feed her. Someone even told me I can make requests like please play fetch with her too. Really affordable rates and a wide range of services. You won't regret bringing your pup here! They always send me pics of her day!

— Heather H.

Our Family Pet Sitting is the best combination of family business and professional, quality service. Our lab/boxer mix goes for full days once or twice a week. Every time we arrive she pulls on her leash till she’s taken inside! She loves it here! I love that the staff send text pictures every day she’s there. And I frequently get reminders/offers to add grooming to her day if needed. Great service/ communications, good quality (safe/clean) care, and a great location - lots of room for the dogs to run!

— Mike & Karen K.

Fantastic people and facility! No one could love your pet more than Our Family Pet Sitting! Our dog gets so excited the minute we pull in!! Highly recommend them.

— Steph.

Our pup's favorite place to be!

— Rachel A.

Great place to board your dog! Your dog will get to play outside on real grass and management is very conscientious!

— Stephanie F.

I've used Our Family Pet Sitting for boarding three times now, and each time has been wonderful! I have an almost two year old German Shepherd (Anakin) and he can get very easily over stimulated during group play. But the staff have been very kind and helpful about finding a system that works for Anakin (one on one time, going out to play with my parents dog when he boards as well, etc) it’s nice knowing that they took the time to find what works best for my dog during his stay, so I can go on vacation knowing he’s being well handle. His most recent stay Anakin didn’t even look back to say bye! He happily followed the staff inside. My family will continue using their services for our dogs. Also the daily update is a big plus!

— JJ D.

This place is staffed with wonderful people that obviously love dogs! I am so happy I found them for my quirky rescue dog. They actually understand him!

— Audrey S.

My dogs begin jumping when we pull near the parking lot. They had a great time, you can tell because they are excited to go back.

— Jessica P.

We wouldn't think of taking our pup anywhere else. The family that owns and runs the place is both friendly, caring and skilled in operating the facility, and our dog is excited when we tell him we are going there. We have been taking him there a half day a week for the last year and a half so he can have fun playing with his kind. He loves it and so do we to get a little break from an active pup. We occasionally use the grooming services which we are also happy with. The price is right and the services are outstanding.

— Jeffrey M.

The family is loving and caring for all your pups needs. Someone is there 24 hours. The dogs get individual attention, play time, and exercise time all seasons of the year. They listen to your concerns and questions and take care of them....I love them!

— Patrice S.

Great people and prices! They made our dog feel like he was at home!

— Renee Z.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this team! My baby girl is everything to me, and I absolutely love dropping her off as I know they'll take just as good of care for her as I do. THANK you OFPS for making my baby so happy while in your care - you're hands down the best!

— Tasha D.

I highly recommend Our Family for boarding care. They are different than any other I've found through the years, with a gorgeous, large property for outdoor play, "child daycare" inspired activities, and sleep areas set up with beds and couches to make pups feel like they are right at home. I've found Kelly and her team to be dedicated, trustworthy and responsible animal lovers. My 2 dogs with very different personalities are both excited to be dropped off here (the true test!). Love receiving pictures throughout their stay.

— Kristin M.

This place is great. I never had my pup in boarding, but I saw the great reviews and jumped right into boarding her there when needed. I must add onto the positive reviews and say they are really great customer service wise, grooming, punctuality, organizationally and so much more. Missy has bad separation anxiety and they do everything they can to alleviate that as well as keeping me posted with how she's doing. I appreciate their services and their efforts to make sure every dog is loved and cared for. They even send pictures to keep you posted on some of the activities. I couldn't have gone wrong with choosing them, and neither can you!

— Sushila N.

We love Our Family Pet Sitting! They have taken great care of our pups and are always very accommodating! My kids love seeing pictures of the dog when she's not with us, and we appreciate all the extra love and care she receives when we board her. Thanks for being so wonderful!

— Annie R.

My husband and I love our pups like they are our own children. We want the best quality of life for our dogs and it took us some time to find the right place to take care of our Aura and Drake the way we do. There's a reason why we love having Joe, Kelly, Ashley and the rest of the hard working staff take care of our pups. They treat them with the same loving hearts as we do. It takes a lot for us to trust anyone, trust me. They share pics when they are there so we know they are safe.Our pups have made many friends there; canine and human and we thank everyone there for everything they do.

— Mary W.

We've left our puppy Mookie with Our Family a few times now and we ALL look forward to it. He gets plenty of playtime and we get the comfort of knowing that he's well taken care of in our absence. I love receiving text messages with pictures of him having fun! Definitely recommend Our Family Pet Sitting for boarding your dog.

— Katherine L.

Love 'Our Family Pet Sitting group'. They took such good care of our Harley. Sent us pics daily and we could see him having fun. Would strongly urge anyone to check it out for vacations or daily watching.

— Linda F.

Love OFPS and how well they treat our fur baby! Personal touch in every interaction.

— Kira & Madelyn G.

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