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At Our Family Pet Sitting Resort & Spa, you'll discover a love story that's as heartwarming as it is genuine. Meet the dynamic duo behind it all, Kelly and Joe, high school sweethearts who not only raised four wonderful children but are Mimi & Papa to their first grandchild, Wyatt.

As a close-knit family, they embarked on an extraordinary journey to spend at least one night in all 50 states together, with Alaska marking the crowning achievement in 2021. Their shared adventures have been a testament to their bond and the love that binds their family.

Kelly, the nurturing half of the pair, spent 16 years in the healthcare sector, gaining a deep appreciation for life's simple joys, love, positivity, and compassion. On the flip side, Joe built a successful career as a CPA in finance and loves it to this day. As their children grew and the corporate world lost its appeal, they stumbled into pet sitting as a hobby. To their surprise, this 'hobby' soon blossomed into a profound love and an entirely new passion, changing the course of their lives.

Our Story
Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

Puppy Love Grows

Through word of mouth, the demand for their services grew rapidly, and it soon became evident that their home could no longer accommodate the number of families seeking their care. Faced with a pivotal moment, they had to make a choice – take a significant risk or close the business. They chose to take that leap of faith.

In 2016, Kelly left her job, they sold their home, and found their dream location: 5.5 acres of farmland. It was a genuine "bet the farm" endeavor that they would not change for anything.  Kelly managed the business herself with the help of her children until Joe was able to leave his CPA job and come on board full-time. 

Love Expands to Include Your Family Too

Joe and Kelly wholeheartedly embrace the concept of family, and they want you to know that your family is now their family too. When your beloved pet spends a day or more with us at Our Family, rest assured that Kelly, Joe, and their dedicated, loving staff don't just consider your pet a guest; they welcome them into their own hearts as part of the family.

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