What to Expect

At Our Family Pet Sitting Resort & Spa, we love your fur babies like they are our own! Whether they are joining us for the day or an entire vacation, we provide lots of fun and loving care.

A Day in The Life at Our Family

With the wind in their fur, grassy hills to roam, shady trees to relax under, horses nearby to gaze at – your pup will enjoy their getaway at Our Family Pet Sitting Resort & Spa. A happy, well-cared for, and exhausted pup will be waiting for you when you return! Below are some of the activities they will enjoy on the farm.

Make Friends

Our guests enjoy meeting new and old friends each time they come for a visit!

Run & Explore

Enjoy running with your friends on real grass on our 5.5 acres of farmland with horses, chickens, and squirrels nearby!

Play Dress Up

Our guests enjoy trying on new outfits! We will be sure to text you a photo of how cute they look!

Learn Manners

We offer training for new pups or older dogs that want to learn new tricks. Visit our training page.

Have a Spa Day

Our professional groomers offer baths, nail trims, hair cuts, PAWdicures, and more. Visit our grooming page.

Celebrate Holidays

Every day is special, especially when we celebrate holidays with arts & crafts and visits from Santa and the Easter Bunny!

Go Swimming

On hot summer days, our guests enjoy cooling off in one of our kiddie pools.

Get Some Rest

We make sure our guests get a proper amount of rest with fresh blankets and a cot.

Play Sports

Whether tossing the ball or chasing a frisbee, playing sports with your friends is always fun outside on real grass.

Play In the Snow

A snow day brings out the puppy in all of us! Our friends have fun running outside and playing in the snow!

Play In the Agility Yard

Our dogs live running outside and playing on our fun equipment.

Eat Special Treats

Our treats are dog healthy and safe. Kelly even makes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve home cooked meals for our guests.

Do Arts & Crafts

When your fur baby joins us for a day or longer, we often send them home with a project or memento of his/her fun stay with us.

Celebrate Birthdays

Your fur baby's birthday is a special occasion when they're with us.

Play in Our Splash Park

Our friends LOVE splishin' and splashin' in our Splash Park & Pools!

Enjoy our NEW indoor /outdoor play facility

Your pups will be cozy & warm, safe from inclement weather in our new indoor play area & K-9 turf dog park.

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